About Us

This Web site is for and about glaucoma patients. It’s about helping each others.

We strongly believe that our medical treatment should be left to medical practitioners, who we trust with our health and our vision. However, there are many complementary issues, i.e., health, social, technical, legal, that are also quite important, and which we should be able to discuss on this site. Let us help each others by sharing information critical to our lives and the lives or our families and friends.

WGPC encourages pioneering research in glaucoma diagnostic and treatment. WGPC volunteers with biomedical, computer and high-tech expertise could also support development of modern health aids that help glaucoma patients to cope with this debilitating disease.

If you are a glaucoma patient, family, friend, physician, optometrist, health practitioner, medical researcher or a student, consider participating. Your involvement could make a difference to glaucoma patience worldwide; especially in developing countries, where qualified help might be scarce.