Get Involved

We’d love to have you as part of our community. Check out the various way to get informed and involved.


How you can help … today!

  • Our committee of volunteers from around the world would much appreciate your help. You might get some good ideas on how you could become involved and help other patients at:
  • On page you might find a listing for a glaucoma patient support group in your city or country. Or you might identify other glaucoma patient groups in your location by searching local media and Internet. You can start by contacting such groups (usually by reaching their sponsoring health practitioner or local eye hospital) and inform them about WGPC Web site. Encourage them to register for our email newsletter and to become involved in WGPC activities.
  • If you were unable to find a glaucoma patient support association in your city or country, consider organizing a new glaucoma patient group. Become proactive and take it in your own hands! Involve other glaucoma patients, family members and friends, health practitioners, and government officials. This WGPC Web includes a wealth of information on how to start such a critical service. Use other patient associations experience and don’t forget to share yours with all others. Please notify us, so we could include your coordinates in WGPC directory.
  • As well, you might be able to identify local glaucoma experts and encourage them to subscribe to WGPC newsletter and provide information on WGPC activities to their patients. Ask your ophthalmologist, optometrist or city reference librarian how to reach local or country’s associations of glaucoma experts, ophthalmologists and optometrists. Ask members of these associations to pass information about WGPC to their respective patients.