WGPC is looking for a volunteer newsletter editor

We are looking for volunteers to edit WGPC Newsletter. Top level English editorial skills are essential. Ability to use simple language and streamlined graphic interface is vital, as WGPC website with newsletter archives should be able to support automatic translation to local languages in real time.


WGPC Newsletter

WGPC Newsletter will be issued periodically, preferably monthly but at least quarterly. Most of the content would be provided by member associations, patients and glaucoma experts, with open subscription and occasional mailing campaigns for essential fundraising and dynamic interaction with various stakeholder communities. It should look professional and be always kept secure.

We encourage all glaucoma patients, health practitioners, biomedical and high-tech researchers, and other experts to send us your articles, letters and submissions using Contact Us form on this Web site. WGPC does not guaranty publishing of all submissions but we promise to consider them all.

WGPC asks worldwide member patient organizations to provide us with the most interesting materials that they have already published on their Web sites or in their own newsletters and blogs. We will re-publish your materials in our newsletter on a rotating basis to the benefit of global glaucoma patients.


Write articles for WGPC Newsletter!

Consider writing new articles especially for WGPC newsletter. Desirable format is a page of text and one or two photos. Primary readers – heads of glaucoma patient support groups around the world, MDs that help to sponsor such groups, esp. in the developing countries.

Ideal subjects are not about glaucoma but mostly about your organizational experience (each bullet below could be a separate article for future issues):

  • Your patient support group brief history, and experience in facilitating patients’ interaction and facilitation of group’s activities by sponsoring health practitioners
  • Examples of your support group activities, including typical meetings, critical importance of empathy within the peer group, in addition to glaucoma information and education typically provided by health practitioners
  • Whether you have a Web site – how it helps you in your mission
  • How to organize a local support group, importance of involvement of a hospital or MD sponsor, etc.
  • We are especially interested in experience of patient support groups in developing countries
  • Advice on obtaining funding for local support groups
  • Review of materials useful to patients (books, articles, films, etc)