WGPC is looking for volunteers

  • Volunteer for WGPC! Your participation could make a difference for glaucoma patients worldwide, especially in developing countries and disadvantaged communities.
  • WGPC would like to evolve member/association interchange and required fundraising, while continuing to operate with a small volunteer Board, without permanent staff or membership fees.
  • We would also like to engage glaucoma patients and experts, member of their families and friends.  Please help us to help our stakeholder community to deal with this debilitating disease.
  • We would much like to reach the younger generation, esp. children, grandchildren and siblings of glaucoma patients, convincing them to help their ‘ancestors’ (who usually do need help). Even more important, we need to somehow induce them to check their own vision regularly as, according to the scientific research results, their risk of getting glaucoma increases 10 fold compared to people who do not have close relatives with this debilitating disease. In our experience, engaging the youth is not trivial. But we do need to do it proactively and, without delay, involving as many young committed people as we can in WGPC activities.
  • We would much appreciate if you, gentle readers, were re-sending this Call for Volunteers to the editors of newsletters, blogs, web sites, or membership managers of all the societies; associations; college departments and hospitals; as well as city, state or hospital patient support groups that you might know of; and prominent health practitioners and experts that might deal with glaucoma, ophthalmology, optometry, visual health and related issues, at your locality or anywhere around the globe.
  • Any advice on how we can reach potential volunteers interested in glaucoma subjects, especially in developing countries, would be much appreciated.


Volunteer qualifications

We encourage all qualified individuals to apply for the following volunteer opportunities by filling the Contact Us form on this Web site.  To be considered for volunteer positions please attach a brief bio.

In particular, we are looking for passionate and proactive volunteers with the following competencies:

  • Information or library experts, to manage WGPC records as per government and privacy requirements and Board-approved policies.
  • Executives and experts to manage WGPC’s relationships with members associations, glaucoma experts, industry and some proactive individual patients; able to ensure effective information exchange between worldwide member patient associations.
  • Experts in marketing and fundraising. Should be able to develop effective marketing/communications strategies with ongoing implementation, to build a vibrant community of member associations and to attract donors to support WGPC mission online and offline. Interactions with various stakeholders should facilitate the growth of the client associations’ community and fundraising efforts.
  • Recent grads or students who understand and could represent the mentality of the younger generation and would be social networking-savvy.

For all of the above listed competencies, knowledge of Web technology or programming, although desirable, is not essential.

  • Journalists, technical writers, editors, media content managers that would help us to further develop our Web site and issue periodic electronic newsletters (aiming for monthly, but no less than quarterly) to support the above listed goals. They would help to manage the Web site and newsletter content.
  • Blogger. We are looking for an experienced blogger with the strong focus on glaucoma patient’s lifestyle and health; as well as member associations’ issues.

For these competencies, ability to use simple language and streamlined graphic interface is vital. Some knowledge of HTML, Web technology and programming would be desirable. The website should be able to support automatic translation to local languages in real time.

Most of the content would be provided by member associations, patients and glaucoma experts, with open subscription and occasional mailing campaigns for essential fundraising and dynamic interaction with various stakeholder communities. It should look professional and be always kept secure.

We are also looking for:

  • Lawyer. WGPC needs help of volunteer lawyers who specialize in intellectual property management for non-profits.
  • Software experts in CAD/3D printing, who could help WGPC with improving Eyedrop*Printguide, which is highly useful to glaucoma patients.