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This site is provided as a service for the member organizations of WGPC and worldwide glaucoma patients at large. WGA and WGPC are not responsible for the opinions and information posted on this site. We disclaim all warranties with regard to information posted on this site, whether posted by WGA, WGPC or any third party. Note that the practice of medicine is not an exact science, each person’s medical problems and solutions might be unique. Discuss all your medical concerns and treatment options with your health provider. In no event shall WGA or WGPC be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this site.

How can I help World Glaucoma Patient Association?

  • Volunteer for WGPC! Your participation could make a difference for glaucoma patients worldwide, especially in developing countries and disadvantaged communities.
  • WGPC encourages pioneering research in glaucoma diagnostic and treatment. WGPC volunteers with biomedical, computer and high-tech expertise could also support development of modern health aids that help glaucoma patients to cope with this debilitating disease.
  • WGPC does not charge for its services. Hence, your material support and donations for association functioning would be much appreciated.

How to start a glaucoma support group?

Many areas and countries in the world do not have patient support groups but sorely need them.

If you have a desire to help other people cope with their glaucoma and are ready to get involved:

  • Search in WGPC Directory or on Internet for a glaucoma support group that you can join at your locality.
  • If such a local group does not exist, discuss with your health practitioner or head of a local hospital how to start a glaucoma patient organization at your city, province or country.
  • Look at WGPC Association Directory for glaucoma support groups around the world that you can contact based on the common location, familiar language or because information on the group’s Web site appeals to you. Ask their leaders for advice on starting an effective patient support group. Learn from their Web site.
  • Ask your health practitioner or the head of a local hospital for their help and referrals to their professional associations and government health departments, to advertise your support group among their glaucoma patients at your city, province or country.
  • If you have started a glaucoma patient organization please provide the WGPC with the information to be included to our growing database.
  • Volunteer for WGPC! By networking with experienced patient support leaders from around the globe, you could find what makes a group effective and useful.
  • For Internet sites and books on services useful to patient support groups see also Patient Resources on WGPC Web site.

My language is not English; how can I translate WGPC site content?

WGPC effectively supports glaucoma patient associations in many countries that operate in numerous languages. Today’s Web technology effectively handles the translation to almost all world languages. Read our recommendations on translating on the fly to your language of choice.

I am visually impaired; is there a way to further increase font size when reading or printing your materials?

All popular web browsers and mobile operating systems have built in commands that permit the user to increase font size when reading or printing Web pages. As there are thousands variables involved in your choice of computers or mobile, we can’t advise you on the best options in your particular case. Fortunately, Internet can. To obtain objective and up to date information on your best font size increase options and approaches, consider conducting an Internet search using your favorite search engine. Search for:
web page larger font

I am visually impaired; is there a way to listen to your site content?

Visually impaired glaucoma patients could automatically convert digital text (i.e., retrieved on Internet or a word processor file) into spoken voice. Read our recommendations on how to find the latest information on effectively doing it in your particular case.

I am visually impaired; how can I find stores selling low vision rehabilitation tools?

Read our recommendations on how to identify stores selling low vision rehabilitation tools at your favorite location.