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Fighting Glaucoma: An Action Handbook

By Ivan Goldberg and Nahum Goldmann

Kugler Publications/Amsterdam/The Netherlands; kuglerpublications.com

ISBN 978-90-6299-269-0. Also available on amazon.com, books.google.com and ebooks.com.

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Book excerpt.

Download a chart to clarify your glaucoma diagnosis. Various glaucoma sub-groups require different treatments to reduce the risks of any further visual damage. To learn your own diagnosis and to understand better your personal risks, always ask your ophthalmologist to identify your glaucoma on the chart . Brief descriptions of each glaucoma diagnosis are also presented in this book.

Your exact glaucoma diagnosis is important to know not just for yourself but also for your family. As your children and siblings face substantially increased risks for the same condition, they need to consult their own doctors for assessment and to plan their own eye care for the future, to prevent this debilitating disease.

For various glaucoma diagnoses listed in the chart, visual field deteriorations are typically quite different. Thus, on average, annual deterioration for exfoliation glaucoma is double that for normal-tension glaucoma (see Table 1 in Carlos G. De Moraes & al. Visual field progression outcomes in glaucoma subtypes, Acta Ophthalmol. 2013: 91: 288–293).

Glaucoma: How to Save Your Sight

By Ivan Goldberg and R. Susanna Jr.

Kugler Publications/Amsterdam/The Netherlands; kuglerpublications.com

ISBN 978-90-6299-242-3.

Notable role of glaucoma club on patients’ knowledge of glaucoma
by Drs. Xueli Chen, Yuhong Chen, Xinghuai Sun
The Shanghai Glaucoma Club is effective in improving patients’ knowledge of disease and compliance for medication.

Medication-Induced Glaucoma
by Dr. Shweta Kaushik
Medications taken for other health conditions and their role in elevating the eye pressure, which may eventually lead to glaucoma.

How to protect your eyes from harmful UV damage
by Glaucoma Australia
Did you know 80% of children have UV damage to their eyes by the age of 15?

Normal-Tension Glaucoma: A Nocturnal Disease – Sleep and Position

By Robert Ritch

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When Can I Trust This Visual Field?

By Pradeep Ramulu

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